MyShadi Bridal Expo

Tips for Attending a Bridal Show
Bridal shows are a wonderful resource for brides and grooms planning their wedding. At times, the experience can seem overwhelming. Consider the following suggestions to make your visit easy, stress-free, and successful.

Set Up a Wedding Email Account
Consider setting up a wedding email account. Not only will it be convenient to receive all wedding-related communication through one account, but it will be helpful in keeping your regular email free of unsolicited email. The email can serve many purposes including a way for guests to RSVP to your event.

Bring Pre-printed Labels
Most vendors at bridal shows want to collect your information. Save yourself time and writer’s cramp by printing up address labels at home prior to arriving. Each label should include the names of both the bride and groom; your preferred mailing address; wedding email account; and your wedding date. While you may consider adding your phone number, keep in mind that this gives the vendor permission to call you. Save yourself from unsolicited marketing calls by adding your phone number only if you are truly interested in hearing from the vendor by phone.